caring for your nu lashes

by Nu Bounsom December 19, 2014

Hello Beauties,

I would love to introduce myself so you all get to know a little bit more about me. My name is Inara, I'm a certified makeup artist based in New York City! I will be providing all the beauty tips and tricks to our #NuSocietyGirls. What is a better topic to start with other than how to take care of our lashes? As you may know Mink lashes with the right care can be reusable multiple times! So lets get started on how to make the best out of your #NuLashes ;)

BE GENTLE with mink lashes when removing them, starting at the outer corner grab the band (not the lashes) and carefully peel off the lashes towards the inner corner. With tweezers or your fingers you want to gently pull off any access glue at the lash band being careful not to tug at the actual band as this can mess up the shape of the band. Lastly, you should always place your lashes back into nubounsom's protective box! This way they hold their beautiful shape and prevent any dust from collecting on the lashes.

We suggest to AVOID putting mascara on nubounsom mink lashes BUT as we all know we can't always do that. Therefore, the best way to remove mascara from the lashes is laying them down on a piece of paper towel and with a bit of warm water on a q-tip, gently roll it over the lashes following the natural curve of the mink hairs until the mascara is removed. It is important to not soak your lashes with water and avoid using any kind of makeup remover on them, as it can ruin the shine and quality of the fur which will limit the amount of uses you'll get out of your lashes. We all know some nights a girl just can't bother to take off her makeup, but please be sure to remove your lashes with the care advised above, as it is important in order to maintain the longevity of your lashes.

If you're a first time nubounsom mink lash user we suggest following our guideline on how to apply and remove our lashes. As for first time false eyelash users we suggest starting with a pair of our synthetic lashes to practice on. Practice makes perfect and before you know it you will be ready to use nubounsom mink lashes like a pro!


• Do not wet your lashes

• Avoid mascara use on false lashes

• Remove eyelashes before sleeping

• Avoid using makeup remover, eyelash remove, or rubbing alcohol 

• Keep lashes clean, and in protective box when not in use

Hope you all enjoyed this post and be ready for lots more! Don't forget to tell any of your beauty loving family and friends to subscribe and use our hashtags #nusocietygirls so we can see your work on Instagram and Twitter!






Nu Bounsom
Nu Bounsom


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