faux vs authentic mink lashes

by Samantha Bounsom December 22, 2014

<<Hey beauties this is nu here again - I want to introduce another mua and blogger Olivia, who will be doing guest posts here to help us all.  Take it away Olivia!>>


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed Friday's newsletter for nubounsom written by Inara! She had some awesome tips in that post so be sure to check it out. To start, I'm Olivia, a beauty blogger from Livforlashes on Blogspot and @livforlashes on Instagram. I love everything beauty and that's what my blog revolves around so please check that out as well, if you'd like! 

I'm so excited to have this opportunity to be a guest blogger for nubounsom,  and I thought it'd be cool to start out with something basic that can get a little confusing: Faux mink vs. authentic mink lashes. 

False lashes are a quick and easy way to spice up any look, or just to give your natural lashes a boost if you were given the short end of the stick with your natural lashes, like me (thank you, genetics). If you're just starting out with applying false eyelashes, it can be pretty daunting. There are a ton of brands from drugstore to higher end and it can get overwhelming pretty quick. But fear not! I'm going to give our #NuSocietyGirls a few tips and some information to help you decide the best type of lashes for you!

Faux Mink

What is faux mink? Faux mink lashes are a more price friendly alternative to mink lashes. They are made usually either from polysynthetic fibers or silk fibers meant to imitate mink strands. There are some brands that have styles that look quite natural, but generally faux mink still has a "fake" look to them, requiring some mascara to blend the lashes and eyeliner to hide the band. While these are great for a couple of uses, they can start to lose shape and the "hairs" start to dull and lose their luster after two or three wears. Faux is a good choice for a special event or a night out, but they can sometimes get uncomfortable after a few hours. A lot of faux lashes I have tried tend to have a stiff band which can irritate the eyes. The price can add up over time too, if you wear them daily, as the average price for a single pair can range from about $4-$15, depending on the brand.  Nubounsom has some awesome faux styles, including my new favorites, Bengal Faux, a more natural style and Devon Rex, for a more glamorous look. 


Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are made from the sheddings of the mink, a small mammal related to otters. Mink fur is known to be not only durable, but super soft and thick. Mink lashes are a perfect choice to add volume and length to your lashes, without that false lash look. They blend well with natural lashes and don't require mascara to blend with your lashes (which isn't recommended to use on Nubounsom mink lashes). Mink also naturally holds a curl very well and because of this along with it's durability, a single pair of mink lashes can be used up to 25 times with proper care. While a single pair of mink lashes can cost around $25-$50, it really is worth the investment if you are gentle with them. They are perfect for adding a soft glamorous touch to eye looks, or natural enough to be worn on their own without any other eye makeup. I really like mink because it literally gives the illusion of lash extensions, without the hefty price. My favorite Nubounsom mink lashes are the Egyptian Mau mink, which make my lashes look naturally thick and long and the Bengal mink for a more flirty, playful look. 

There are amazing styles in both faux mink and authentic mink from Nubounsom and I hope this post helped you decide which #Nulashes to try! Be sure to spread the word to your beauty-minded friends and family a\ubounsom's newsletter for more exciting posts! And be sure to use our hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, as we would love to see you work! 

Until next time loves,


Livforlashes writing for Nubounsom



Samantha Bounsom
Samantha Bounsom


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