ORANGE PKG-DUO Brush On Eyelash Glue (Dark)

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Latex and Formaldehyde Free.  0.18oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kay Harris
Good Eyelash Glue

This eyelash glue usually work well for me.i prefer that dark color more than the white. I’m glad you have the choose of both to pick.

May Clifton

The lashes are full and very soft

Love it

I really love it! It works great! I will ordered again

ryno mulder
Nubounsom great brand but please drop the mink

I love my Nubounsom products - I bought the latex free glue and two pairs of synthetic lashes. The company’s brand image and product quality is aspirational and for this reason I find it very disappointing that they still stock products with animal ingredients - the mink lashes. Consumers are aware that using any animal ingredients despite marketing spin saying it is “cruelty free”, is just that - marketing BS. Using any kind of animal ingredients is without a doubt exploitative and inplies animal suffering. I am convinced that Nubounsom can produce all their lash styles in synthetic and be as succesful. Companies should give consumers what they never knew they wanted. The perceived snob value of mink is changing and Nubounsom can set itself apart by being the company that is cool for not being cruel.

Elisa H.
Love it

Super soft and full .. I love the way they look and feel. Thank you!

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