how to develop a client base - sales tips

Helpful Sales Tips for nubounsom Affiliates

Written by Sarah Sori Kim

  • When you become a nubounsom Affiliate, you become the face of our company. What you say, post on social media as well as in personal relationships can affect the way your potential customers view you and the company. So always stay positive.
  • Wearing lashes from other brands and announcing on social media is like going to a home game and seeing your team’s mascot dressed in the opposing team’s jersey.   How would you feel about the mascot dressed in the wrong jersey? What would you do if you were the owner of the team? This will definitely not help you in your sales and it is a conflict of interest to nubounsom. If you wear lashes from other companies, it would be best to not to mention the brand.
  • When there’s a sale, it is helpful to announce it in all of your social media to get the word out there. Always mention your discount code or use your special link (the url that you set up with nu that looks like this: (this is mine) so that you can get commission for the sale. Try tagging people that you know who might be interested and engaging them on one on one conversation about the sale.   Post and advertise the sale on a regular basis so that the word can get out to everyone who follows you on social media.
  • Be CONSISTENT! In creating new looks, reaching out to potential clients, following up on your clients and providing customer service when you can, and in promoting nubounsom lashes.
  • Target clients that you know have big social networks or go to big social functions. Provide free lash application that these “mega” clients buy from you, so that they can go to these special events and spread the word.
  • Wedding/ Photoshoot clients: When I can actually show my clients the difference between synthetic and nubounsom lashes, I take advantage of it and let them see and feel the difference for themselves. Mention just how much more natural, luxurious, and glamorous these mink lashes will look on them and they will be sure to go for the mink lashes instead of synthetic. If you have your own pictures wearing synthetic and mink, show it to them, show it on social media so that people can see the difference.
  • Before and After pictures: I found these to be immensely helpful. Let people see what you look like with and without nubounsom lashes. Let them see the difference the mink lashes make.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE!! –If people buy directly from you or if you know that a certain person on social media has bought through you/ because of you, check in with them. Ask them how they like it. Ask them if they need help with applying or taking care of lashes.   Giving each of your clients just a little bit of attention will result in these clients buying through you over and over again.